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TRS News

Prof. Tao Wang gave a plenary talk at the 6th Atmospheric Ozone Pollution Control Symposium in Qingdao

28th of April 2024

CNRS Chairman visited Atmospheric Research Laboratory on Nov 29, 2023

29th of November 2023

Professor Tao Wang gave invited talks in local and international events in 2023

19th Oct - 3rd of November 2023

TRS Workshop Group Photos 2023

9-10th of November 2023

International workshop on photochemical air pollution cum TRS Advisory Committee Meeting

10th of November 2023

TRS Science Workshop

9th of November 2023

Field Study 2023 for TRS project at EPD Supersite in Hok Tsui, Hong Kong.

20th of September 2023

TRS Quarterly Meeting 2023 August 10

10th of August 2023

2022 Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Science and Technology) from the Ministry of Education

30th of June 2023

The project’s findings presented at a national conference

1st of April 2023

TRS Science Meeting 2023 March 29

29th of March 2023

TRS Quarterly Meeting March 2023

29th of March 2023

Field Study 2023 for TRS project in Wangdu, China

6th of February 2023

Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) Research Seminar

21st of February 2023

Field Study 2022 for TRS project in Qingdao, China

30th of November 2022

Field Study 2022 for TRS project in Guangzhou, China.

22nd of October 2022

Project’s findings reported at the RGC Public Symposium

11th of December 2022

TRS Public Symposium 2022 December 11 at Hong Kong University

11th of December 2022

TRS Science Meeting 2022 August 23

23rd of Aug 2022

TRS Quarterly Meeting July 2022

19th of July 2022

New paper published in Nature Geoscience

22nd of April 2022

TRS Quarterly Meeting

13th of April 2022

Prof. Tao Wang Appointed as Member of Air Science and Health Task Force

22nd of March 2022

New paper published in Nature Communications

18th of February 2022

TRS Quarterly Meeting January 2022

4th of January 2022

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