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Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) Research Seminar

21st of February 2023

On 21 February 2023, four distinguished atmospheric scholars, Prof. Jiming HAO (Tsinghua U; Academician), Prof. Yuanhang ZHANG (Peking U; Academician), Prof. Zifa WANG (Chinese Academy of Science), and Prof. Junyu ZHENG (HKUST-GZ) visited HK PolyU and attended a research seminar in the campus. Prof. Tao WANG introduced the atmospheric research team at PolyU and presented the latest findings from the TRS project on photochemical pollution in a highly urbanized subtropical region. Prof. Xiangdong LI (Dean of FCE) shared the research plan for the recently funded TRS project on the health impact of atmospheric fine particles. Dr. Meng WANG (on behalf of Prof. Shuncheng LEE) and Dr. Cunteng WANG (on behalf of Prof. Hai GUO) also introduced the strategies of a Green Tech Fund project on roadside pollution mitigation and a CRF project on indoor air, respectively. The four distinguished scholars commended the research works by the PolyU team and provided detailed suggestions for future works.

Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) Research Seminar

Research Seminar at PolyU

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