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Field Study 2022 for TRS project in Guangzhou, China.

22nd of October 2022

We deployed two sets of Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (CIMS) to measure OH/HO2 and reactive halogens at the Liuxi River National Forest Park at Conghua, ~90 km to the Northeast of Guangzhou, to investigate atmospheric oxidative capacity in the biogenic environment in the highly urbanized Hong Kong - Pearl River Delta region. The field campaign was initiated by Prof. Tao WANG at PolyU and Prof. Xinming WANG at Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG), as a case study of the TRS project. Four members from the PolyU team, Dr. Qianjie CHEN, Zhouxing Zou, Shichun HAN, and Weihang SUN, conducted the field measurements. Supported by our collaborators from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, in particular Prof. Yanli ZHANG and Dr. Wei SONG, we had a comprehensive set of chemical and meteorological data at the site, including NOx, O3, CO, SO2, NH3, VOCs, PM2.5, PM10, OC/EC, trace metals, aerosol ion concentrations, size-resolved aerosol number concentrations, T, RH, wind speed and direction, and photolysis frequencies (e.g. jNO2 and jO1D). Offline measurements and data analysis will be done in the near future.

Field Study 2022 for TRS project in Guangzhou, China.

Guangzhou field study site

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