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RGC Committee on-site review on the TRS project

14th of October 2019

To better track the research progress contributed by each core area for the Theme-based Research Scheme “Photochemical air pollution in highly urbanized subtropical regions - from micro environments to urban-terrestrial-oceanic interactions”, an RGC committee on-site review was carried on 14 October 2019.
First, Prof. Tao Wang from the Department of CEE introduced the overall theme-based project and summarized current progress of the project. Then, each Co-PI reported the detailed progress from each core area. Also, a poster-discuss session and a research student’s forum were held to show the TRS project progress. Subsequently, the RGC committee provided their advices and comments to help refine the future research activities. The next stage of the TRS project is aim to publish high-impact results on CIMS instrument and investigate more on chamber studies.

RGC Committee on-site review on the TRS project

Prof. Tao Wang was introducing the TRS progress.

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