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Field Study in Korea


As a cooperative effort with the ABC-EAREX2005, O3, CO and NMHCs were measured at Gosan on Jeju Island of Korea in March 2005 to study the impact of outflow from East Asia and to perform an inter-comparison of O3 and CO measurement among the Asian scientists.

The data shows that the outflows of air pollution form northern and eastern China were responsible for the observed high concentrations of trace gases and the emissions/leakages of natural gas in Siberia appeared to have contributed to the light alkanes at the site (Wong et al., 2006).


Related References: 

  1. Wong, H. L. A., T. Wang *, A. Ding, D. R. Blake, and J. C. Nam. "Impact of Asian Continental Outflow on the Concentrations of O-3, Co, Nmhcs and Halocarbons on Jeju Island, South Korea During March 2005." Atmospheric Environment 41, no. 14 (May 2007): 2933-44.

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